What's New in the Meta SDK: 2.4 is Out the Door!

What's New & Improved

BY Victor Lin

The latest version of the Meta SDK has arrived (among those of you who have been working with 2.3, we tip our proverbial hats off to you and thank you for your patience), and we wanted to be the first to let you know what's new and what has been improved:

Unity SDK: New Example Scene for Hands

We added MetaInteractionHalo to show a new interaction technique. The new scene better shows users which virtual objects their hands are interacting with.

SLAM, Hands, and Occlusion Improvements in 2.4

Overall, SLAM has been improved, with the initialization experience being smoother and clearer, especially when it comes to letting you know if there are issues with sensors and loading of calibration data. You'll notice this when you first fire up the headset.

We're also pleased to announce that our occlusion of holographic objects by real-wold objects, i.e., a coffee cup on your desk covering part of a holographic set of lungs, is far more visually accurate (our new technique is no longer “blocky”). You can see easily see this improvement in action when you use your hands to grab and move holographic objects around.

(Preview) OpenVR SDK: Hands Now Appear as SteamVR-compatible Controllers

In the OpenVR SDK, the Meta 2 grab gesture (making a fist with your hand) corresponds to pulling the trigger on SteamVR controllers. We're also pleased to announce additional support for hands interactions in the OpenVR SDK.

For the rest of the release notes, documentation, and details on 2.4, check out our documentation portal – and download 2.4 if you haven't already!

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