The Meta ViewerTM: An Immersive AR Integration in Action

BY Lis Owuor

Flat icons. 2D windows and menus that require us to hunch over to interact. Terrible UX. While the physical world is three-dimensional, most of our information is trapped on 2D screens, ensuring that there’s a gulf between our physical and digital worlds. We’re surrounded by 3D objects in a 3D world, why shouldn’t our interactions with our technological tools be just as immersive? Meta’s mission to shift the existing tech paradigm from the flat limitations of the 2D world to the immersion of spatial computing is readily becoming a reality for pioneers and technologists around the globe.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 4.52.11

The Meta ViewerTM is proof of such progress. Recently demoed live on stage at SOLIDWORKS World 2018, the platform will allow designers, developers, sales personnel, and non-technical employees alike to import and view AR-ready CAD models in the form of a customized glTF file format in the Meta 2 AR headset. The partnership will ensure that consumers of 3D CAD are no longer confined to viewing models on a 2D screen, enabling product design to shift into a three-dimensional process.

Soon, SOLIDWORKS will allow users to export a custom version of an open-source glTF file and view it in the Meta 2 AR development kit, enabling developers, designers, and non-technical individuals alike to visualize and interact with 3D models in real-time without the time-consuming conversion process from 3D model to an AR-ready file.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.11.21

As the first company to offer 3D CAD viewing capabilities in AR integrated with SOLIDWORKS applications, Meta’s CRO Joe Mikhail believes the partnership will simplify design visualization, revolutionizing productivity for a variety of industries.

“Support for 3D CAD viewing is important to our customers, and for the growth of the AR market,” said Joe Mikhail, chief revenue officer of Meta. “With this new SOLIDWORKS integration, our mutual customers will drive tangible business value from their existing SOLIDWORKS models. And for our developers, this technology will enable them to create more immersive, realistic and transformative AR experiences in the blink of an eye.”

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Requiring zero coding skills, the platform will allow users to quickly and easily share their design vision before the physical design stage begins, dramatically shortening the design timeline by generating early insights that can only occur in 3D. Meta’s CEO Meron Gribetz demonstrated the power of the Meta ViewerTM by customizing a 3D motorcycle during a live keynote for nearly 5,000 SOLIDWORKS World attendees. This revolutionary new integration will enable a number of productivity use cases in key areas for organizations who innovate on the cutting edge:

  • Sales & Marketing: Increase sales conversions by telling a more visually immersive pitch that prioritizes visualization and interaction.  
  • Design Review: Reduce time-to-market by efficiently communicating design ideas in 3D, enabling teams to make decisions more quickly.
  • Training: Decrease costs by enhancing the knowledge transfer process for improved product assembly and maintenance.

Interested in being invited to Beta access to the Meta ViewerTM? Express your interest to be invited to the private beta program now.

Photo Credits: The Stanley Black & Decker Infrastructure Innovation Team

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