The Meta 2 Now Supports Rendering of SteamVR Applications

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BY Team Meta

We’re thrilled to announce that SteamVR, one of the leading VR platforms, is now supported by the Meta 2’s latest 2.3 SDK release! If you’ve been building SteamVR applications with the OpenVR API, this now means you can bring those immersive experiences to life in the Meta 2 without having to recode. Meta aims to build a thriving AR ecosystem on SteamVR, and this new integration represents a first-step that will allow developers to quickly port their content into the Meta 2 and render high-quality 3D holograms in the headset.  For the time being, Meta will offer rendering which allows you to see your holograms with SteamVR support. In the near future, we’ll integrate hands and optimized tracking similar to our current SDK.

At Meta, we’re always championing our dev community as we continue to pioneer the development of truly immersive AR experiences. Chris O’Connor of ZeroLight, a visualization platform for the automotive industry, recently had the following to report on working with the Meta 2: “Meta have done a great job with their SDK, making it simple to integrate into our custom rendering pipeline.”


ZeroLight + Meta 2.

The technical director continued, “as developers, having a tethered AR headset enables us to render our high polygon, fully configurable assets in real-time; displaying every detail in our bespoke materials. The headset has a wider field of view than any other AR solution currently on the market, creating a more immersive experience whilst keeping the augmented characteristics completely natural. These features combined allow us to create intuitive, high-quality AR experiences.”

Chris wasn’t the only one to experience the benefits of AR-focused research and development with the Meta 2.

Christof von Waldkirch of Virtual Radiology, a company that transforms 2D CT and MRI scans into 3D models for patient and doctor use also saw the benefits of utilizing the Meta 2. Von Waldkirch reports that “ that Meta offers SteamVR support we were easily able to support Meta's augmented reality headset. AR gives our customers solutions not possible in VR, so we're excited about the new features Meta's SteamVR support will offer in the coming months."


Virtual Radiology + the Meta 2. 

Alexis Vartanian, the CTO of TechViz, a 3D virtual prototyping software, also reports a seamless experience when it comes to porting content into the Meta 2: “...TechViz already supports a wide range of VR and AR devices. Thanks to Meta’s SteamVR integration, adding Meta support to TechViz was one of the easiest ports we’ve completed recently.” 


TechViz + the Meta 2. 

Excited about building your own creations for the Meta 2? The following features will be available in the near future:

- Hands as controllers
- Optimized SLAM tracking
- Integrating the Vive controller to work in Meta Applications

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