Putting Augmented Reality to Work

Design AR Experiences that Enhance Us




SXSW has been a whirlwind of awesome tech, experiences, and fantastic conversations. What's especially interesting this year is the emphasis on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and the experiences they deliver – from museums of the future to VR's capabilities as the "new cinema".


One of the recurring themes we noticed tying almost all of the VR and AR talks and demonstrations was around the concept of designing for both VR and AR. With the exception of UX and UI expert Kharis O'Connell's excellent eBook, AR design guidelines have been few and far in between compared to VR design guidelines. And for the past two years at Meta, we have extensively researched and discussed how designers and developers can make AR a comfortable, welcoming place to work in – as opposed to the nightmarish scenes we've seen in Black Mirror and Keichi Matsuda's Hyper-Reality.


Meron Gribetz, our CEO and founder, presented the fruits of our research labor yesterday at SXSW – unveiling a set of AR design guidelines that seek to continue the larger conversation around how AR experiences can be designed to enhance our abilities to communicate, create, and collaborate:


Meron discusses how our computing tools have been holding back our productivity potential.


These design guidelines are best consumed via video and full text format, which we'll be including in our soon-to-be-arriving Meta 2 development and design center, so sign up to be one of the first to know when it goes online!