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Meta 2 – Build Immersive AR Tools and Experiences

Don't sit there imagining what you can do with augmented reality. Put your imagination to use by building holographic tools & apps with the Meta 2, the AR headset that allows you to create the most immersive and interactive holograms.

The 90° field of view (widest FOV on the market) allows for more information to be displayed and creates a more immersive AR experience. Coupled with our intuitive interface design principles, the Meta 2 is an unparalleled headset.

Meta 2 App Tutorial 1: How to Put a Cube in the World

Create a simple cube that teaches you some of the basics of working with the Meta 2 SDK.

In this introductory tutorial, you'll learn how to place a cube in the world and become familiarized with the Unity Editor and the Meta 2 SDK. Future tutorials will dive into more advanced concepts and applications.

Merging Neuroscience with the Art of UX

Our resident neuroscientist Stefano Baldassi reveals the work he and his team do to ensure that the Meta 2 is intuitive and immersive AR.