CES 2018: A First Look at the AR Supercar You Can Touch & Feel

A look behind the scenes.

BY Lis Owuor

It’s that time of year again: As another year of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) dawns in Las Vegas, the world’s most famous tech industry trade show has seen about 170,000 tech fanatics descend upon Las Vegas in the hopes of getting a sneak peek at the Next Big Thing to hit the consumer tech market in 2018.

This year, Meta is championing the voices of developers and other partners who have used the Meta 2 to create awe-inspiring AR experiences with a 3-part blog series that will focus on break-through AR technology experiences that they create. Keep reading to discover how the following partnership will connect people more naturally with digital experiences.


If you’ve ever wanted to have an up-close-and-personal experience with a luxe supercar, but lacked the requisite millions to make that dream a reality, Meta has partnered with Ultrahaptics and Zerolight to make your dreams come true—at least in the AR universe. 

In an effort to reshape digital interaction technology, Meta has partnered with Ultrahaptics and Zerolight—tech pioneers all—to produce a technology that will enable users to interact with a luxe Pagani Huayra Roadster supercar while wearing the Meta 2 headset. Combining haptic feedback with real-time 3D visualization technology, CES visitors have been able to feel the vibration of the V12 AMG Engine, configure the car, and suspend car parts for further inspection. Ultrahaptics utilizes ultrasound to create sensations that send vibrations to a user's hand in order to mimic the experience of touching a physical object. 

Haptic technology recreates the sense of touch and aids the immersive sense of “being there” that is so critical for compelling AR experiences. 


"Touch is intrinsic to our understanding of the world and how we interact with it. This shouldn't be lost when we interact with digital media and virtual objects," said Anders Hakfelt, vice president, product and marketing, Ultrahaptics. "Ultrahaptics uses ultrasound to create tactile feedback on the hand, allowing you to explore and manipulate virtual objects and react to tactile cues without inhibiting natural movement. By stimulating contact with digital models, we can amplify the overall impact and response of each digital interaction."

Zerolight also believes in the power of marrying leading-edge technology with unique user experiences.

"Brands are continuing to reinvent the way they engage customers through digital experiences. ZeroLight's high fidelity visualisation software harnesses the full potential of cutting-edge hardware, bringing products to life in stunning detail through cohesive, personal experiences. Such quality enables the clear perception and understanding of virtual vehicles, allowing for more informed decision making," said Joseph Artgole, associate marketing director, ZeroLight.”


Creating an AR experience that allows for an intuitive interaction with a product model aligns with Meta’s goal to create AR experiences that are a natural extension of the human mind.

"The vision behind Meta is to deliver a machine that acts as an extension of the body, allowing us to intuitively create, communicate and collaborate in a natural way," said David Oh, head of developer relations for Meta. "We are working closely with our partners using the Meta 2 Development Kit to deliver such experiences through augmented reality today, while defining what the future of computing will look like in the years to come."

Experience the technology for yourself at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES Jan 9-12) in Las Vegas at the Ultrahaptics booth (Sands Expo Center, Level 2, no. 422337).

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