Inside Augmented Reality with General Assembly and Meta

A Primer on Augmented Reality (AR) Design

BY Victor Lin

As we continue unveiling our nine augmented reality (AR) design guidelines, we partnered with General Assembly (GA), the award-winning education start-up that's helped designers, programmers, and marketers get a leg up on their careers, on a video series that complements the guidelines. Over the course of three videos, Moqian (one of the neuroscientists who developed the guidelines) and Mayan (a researcher who comes from the design world) explain what AR is, how it complements the way our brains work, and show how AR experiences can be designed to maximize our abilities to create, collaborate, and communicate.   After you’ve watched the videos, we recommend you dive deeper into the first of our guidelines: Think Spatial. We'll be unveiling the guidelines in greater detail over the next few weeks, but we highly recommend getting the eBook version of all nine guidelines first.

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